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South Asians for Palestine

The South Asians for Palestine coalition is an initiative to draw on the unique strengths of our collective anti-colonial histories and connect current struggles. Ours is a rich history of solidarity, and we recognise ongoing oppressions taking place - many of them enabled by the same corporations that oppress Palestinians.


Whilst the urgent demand is a ceasefire, solidarity cannot end whenever it comes. We must stand with Palestinian resistance until they achieve total liberation, from the river to the sea. We hope this can be the beginning of a new wave of South Asian solidarity for Palestine in Britain that has the longevity to support the long term demands to achieve this.

We will be adding resources to this page following our teach-ins, organising meetings, and other actions for you to explore in your own time. We hope you enjoy engaging with them and encourage you to share with your networks.


Inquilab Zindabad ✊🏽


In solidarity,

The Rights Collective & Nijjor Manush

Irq- Al Zaytoon motif / Tirazain initiative

South Asians 4 Palestine
Teach-in 1

Following on from our first teach-in, this booklet contains speaker summaries, a glossary, various resources, and a display of beautiful Third Worldist resistance artwork related to Palestine.

SA Solidarity Pali.png
810_Tareeq Al Nojoum Road of StarsJaffaU

Tareeq Al Nojoum motif / Tirazain initiative

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