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Our reading circle provides a space for us to explore and unpack various topics from an intersectional and critical lens. In 2021, we are hosted a circle to learn and unlearn around the topic of caste with co-facilitators, Varun Khanna, whose research Sanskrit and the Indian diaspora has taken him in the direction of the history of caste, caste injustice, and anti-caste activism, and Jyotsna Siddharth, an actor and an anti-caste activist, the founder of Project Anti-Caste, Love, the Dalit Feminism Archive, and a co-founder of Sive..



  1. To open up difficult but necessary conversations around the role of caste and caste-privilege in our communities.

  2. To explore together what it could mean to dismantle caste supremacy and what that would mean for us individually.

  3. To understand the impact of caste supremacy on diaspora communities.

  4. To create a co-learning space where we can support one another in finding ways to end caste oppression.

  5. To explore ways we might use what we have learnt to critically engage with wider political and societal change.




The format of the reading circle was similar to that of a seminar discussion. Each session had required pre-reading on the chosen topic, as well as some extra optional readings, which we discussed thoroughly and critically during the session.


Our facilitators helped with guiding the conversation and ensuring key points are discussed, aiding us in the process of delving deep and doing the work necessary in order to make an impact in the world.


Participants were expected to attend one preliminary meeting and then commit to attending 6 sessions across 6 months and to complete the required pre-reading prior to each session.


Session Outlines

This reading circle has now finished but you can click on the images to access the readings and prompts to explore in your own time.

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