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The Solidarity Circle is a way for us to try to offer financial support to the communities we advocate for in our work. We recognise that as a collective, while we are often subject to various systems of oppression, many of us also hold privilege in our respective contexts. This includes the languages we speak, the citizenships we hold, our abilities, our caste, our class and, sometimes, our gender and sexuality too. The Solidarity Circle is one experiment in redistributing the resources we have access to as a result of this privilege.


The Solidarity Circle was inspired by our friends in the US who draw upon ideas of mutual aid, interdependence and community as driving forces for this work. 



Underpinning the ethos of the Solidarity Circle is the recognition that the systems we live in actively produce and exacerbate harm, respond inadequately to crises, and ensure that marginalised groups bear the brunt of society's issues, such as poverty, violence, systemic oppression, environmental damage and so on. 


At The Rights Collective, we believe that we should use our privilege and resources to rebalance these power dynamics, offering to each other and to individuals who may not otherwise receive what they need without practices like mutual aid and solidarity. 

Some of the initiatives / people we have profiled so far and have donated to include:

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