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Welcome to The Rights Collective’s Resources Hub, a curated list of articles, books, reports, papers, videos and anything else that we feel can inform us on the issues we hope to tackle and ideas that underpin our work. Where resources are free to access and use, we provide links to them. Otherwise we link to where you might be able to access them.

We hope you find this information useful. We encourage you to engage with it in a dynamic way - maybe set up a reading or learning circle to co-learn with others, or read a piece with a family member every month. If you’d like to set something up with our support, feel free to just get in touch


We are sharing these resources in good faith to help you start your journey of [un]learning. The views shared herein may not always reflect the views of The Rights Collective. This hub is also work-in-progress and we will continue to maintain it. If you would like to suggest any new resources or topics, or notice any errors, please email us directly with the subject heading ‘Resource Hub’.


We are happy for you to share this resource with others without further permissions but we would be grateful if you would credit us to honour the labour that has gone into creating and maintaining this resource.

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