Edition 3: The C Word




















The Rights Collective are proud to present the 3rd edition of our Zine. The focus of this zine is COVID-19, specifically the effect it has on the South Asian diaspora. We have been surrounded by news reports on the increased incidence of the virus within the BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) community as well as the significant impact it is having on NHS staff, many of which we know are from the South Asian community.

We wanted to create a platform for members of our community to share their experiences during these difficult times but also to use this opportunity to look to the future and imagine life after COVID-19. We have had an amazing response and feel so privileged to be able to present this art work, poetry, articles and interviews. We hope you enjoy reading the Zine! As a special gift from us to you, we have also curated an accompanying playlist over on our Spotify channel which you can enjoy while reading.


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Edition 2: we are colourfull




















When we started The Rights Collective, we knew we wanted to hold spaces where marginalised voices from the South Asian Diaspora were amplified into the places they needed to be heard the most. We quickly realised that this would mean grappling with the biases, stereotypes and discrimination we saw within our own communities and families first and foremost. This is one of the reasons we started the Zine, hoping to spark important conversations and ask the difficult questions within our own homes.

The 2nd edition comes together in collaboration with colourfull and Dee Jas as guest editor. We explore being queer in the South Asian Diaspora community. Having grown up in a world where calling something ‘gay’ was an insult and where that guy in Bend It Like Beckham was the closest we got to knowing a non-heterosexual South Asian person, we are proud of the progress we have started to make and hopeful for the world we live in but we know there is a lot more to be done. We hope the stories in this edition of the Zine sheds some light on these experiences and how we might do better as a community, as friends and as allies.

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Edition 1: Break The Silence 






















As we launched The Rights Collective publicly in 2019, we invited womxn and non-binary individuals of colour to contribute their stories for our #BreakTheSilence campaign. We asked them to share their experiences of empowerment, equality, acceptance, and support within their communities, as well as experiences of feeling disempowered, being treated unequally or being on the receiving end of violence from their communities.


Community can mean many things to different people so we invited people to define this for themselves with a focus on South Asian Diaspora. We work with people of colour from the Hindu Diaspora community in the UK but welcomed submissions from all South Asian women and non-binary folx. Stories could any form in any medium - poetry, photographs, paintings, video and more. We ran this campaign through Women’s History month and are working to compile all the stories into a zine.

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