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On the Frontlines: Teach In with BAME NHS Professionals

Photo by Nicolas J Leclercq on Unsplash

On Wednesday, 24th June 2020 we held 'On The Frontlines' a digital teach-in with professionals from across the NHS. When thinking about what voices we should platform in the context of the pandemic, we recognised the need to highlight and listen to the specific experiences encountered by the BAME community in particular. If you missed out, check out the recording here. More details about the speakers below.

Dr Mathialagan is a senior consultant physician working in Kings Lynn, Norfolk. Born and raised in Jaffna, Sri Lanka where he qualified as a doctor in the mid-80s. Dr Mathi has been working in the NHS for 25 years in both clinical and managerial capacities. He has been privy to many challenges and successes the NHS has journeyed through this time. He shared his experience on the frontline during the pandemic and explored how this time could be used to enlighten future medical practice. Dr Niro graduated from St Georges Medical School, London in 2012. She completed a 1st class intercalated BSCA at UCL. Dr Niro works as a GP in Barnet and has a keen interest in medical education, having been awarded GP Tutor of the Year 2020. She is involved in extensive charitable organisations. Dr Niro shed a light on how this time has impacted people’s mental health and ways to cope with these changes. Finally, Yasmin Sultan is a graduate pharmacist working in a hospital and community pharmacy during the pandemic. She graduated from Kings College, London with an MPharm degree and has a mixed Iranian/Iraqi heritage. She spoke on the experiences and pressures on pharmacists during this time.

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