As we launched The Rights Collective publicly in 2019, we invited womxn and non-binary individuals of colour to contribute their stories for our #BreakTheSilence campaign. We asked them to share their experiences of empowerment, equality, acceptance, and support within their communities, as well as experiences of feeling disempowered, being treated unequally or being on the receiving end of violence from their communities.


Community can mean many things to different people so we invited people to define this for themselves with a focus on South Asian Diaspora. We work with people of colour from the Hindu Diaspora community in the UK but welcomed submissions from all South Asian women and non-binary folx. Stories could any form in any medium - poetry, photographs, paintings, video and more. We ran this campaign through Women’s History month and are working to compile all the stories into a zine.

Break the Silence 2019 was launched on September 17th, 2019. Click here or on the picture below to download the PDF!

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